Mahmoud El Esseily – Msh Madmoun

Trivial matters like flavors of ice cream are at hand. Promotions at work place have been announced. Folks have just been ingratiating themselves by presenting the delicacies from a baker to the next in line big cheese.

This Arabic song!

There were a few wild pigeons at our workplace, then two owls made their nest outside a window at first floor. Now, parrots! A big cage was made from available scrap material. Donation of parrots by the big cheese! And a few were purchased from market as well. So, we have pigeons, owls and parrots! And should i mention those few Black Sheep?   🙂

Stories nothing but a gossamer – my mind fabricates. This Arabic song! and Schiller’s live performance, and this abstract post. A monotonous workplace life, with known outcomes at the end of next year! I am out of time and luck!

This song!




Stories of Random Days


Around 7 pm: I visit the nearby market to get something. On my way back, i meet Sheikh Uncle’s son (son of my father’s colleague) – he asks me about my preparation for engineering university entry test and test date – i tell him it is in the morning tomorrow. He nods and i make my way to home, a five minutes walk. I already know it would be a disaster! (two years ago, he had already made it to UET Lahore).

Around 11 pm: I am flipping through the pages of entry test guide book mindlessly. It is definitely a crappy book.

Next morning around 10 am : I seat myself in a classroom at UET Lahore. Test lasts for an hour or so. And i am not happy.

And a month later, my parents weren’t happy about it either! 🙂

Sheikh Uncle’s youngest son made it to Medical College that year! Competitors! And the comparisons made life a bit difficult at home! I too, secured an admission in engineering university same year.



Around 7 pm: Hostel Mess, a waiter serves Aalo Ghobi for dinner. A classic, old fashioned television, resting on a metallic shelf, far from my table, shows two skyscrapers and smoke rising from them. It is PTV, live broadcasting CNN that evening, a news ticker on screen reads: America Under Attack. I am somewhat astonished.

Anyway, today, only Haji Sb (my class fellow) and i remember, it was Aalo Ghobi for dinner that day!


12.09.2017 – Today

My colleague and i, make a plan for combined study, after office hours at my place, a prep work for further studies. It will commence from Thursday.

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